The perfect balance of simplicity for non-finance users and powerful multiple analysis dimension

BanhJi | Customer


Ease of use invoicing supported with automated in-depth analysis

From issuing quote/ proposal, sale order, customer deposit, cash sale or invoice, cash receipt, goods delivery note, and even to sale return, we get you covered.

BanhJi | Accounting


Multi-perspective general ledger

Full functionality of journal entries with multiple analysis dimensions leveraging on segment and jobs tracking.

BanhJi | Supplyer


Manage your purchases and expenses claim

Integrated workflow from purchase order, supplier deposit, cash or credit purchase, cash payment, goods delivery note, and even to purchase return.

BanhJi | Report


80 reports and 30 built-in Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) to help you manage your business like a pro

Full set financial statements presented in the format required by the relevant financal reporting standards

BanhJi | Inventory


Full integrated with customer, supplier and accounting modules

Just issue your invoice or receive the product, we integrate them to your inventory or service status automatically

BanhJi | Tax


Monthly tax compliant make easy

The formats and necessary data are provided and partly automated to make monthly tax filling enjoable

Some other key features

BanhJi | Audit

Traceability & auditability

You can find and fix errors right at the journal level. BanhJi has pervasive traceability and extensibility with effective dating & attributes.

BanhJi | Cost


4 dimensions of currencies for each transactions.

BanhJi | Currency

Multiple analysis dimensions

We provide multiple segment levels analysis and job tracking. This provides intelligent reporting and transactions that deliver contextualized in-depth analysis.

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Anywhere and anytime

As an online accounting software, we provide you the flexibility to run your business anytime and anywhere.

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Unlimited users

You can add all your employees if it is useful for you to run your business.


Multi-layer security

Your data is safe with us because protecting your data is our main priority.


Recurring & Reminders

Recurring feature is added to most functions to improve your efficiency and get work done faster.


Attach files to data

Attached source documents to the accounting transaction, items or contacts.


Free support, 24/7

You can get instant answer to most of your questions from our support resources. In addition, we are always ready to help you via email.

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100% Free,


Despite being free, let's us assure you that your information or financial data will not be shared to other entities without your consent.

Our pricing tier is simple: Free for trial and also stay free as long as you are with us.

Simply speaking, BanhJi Accounting Platform is FREE, period.

What is not free?

Some of the industries specific web applications that are integrated with BanhJi are not free. Most of them are owned by our partners. Hence, you can pay what matter most for your business, if your needs exceed what BanhJi has offered. In addition, you will have 1GB of free storage. If you need more than that, you need to pay for the additional storage.